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Janet is a painter. Of her work, she says:

"My underlying interest in our connections with the Universe informs all the images I create. The object holds the patterns of the cosmos and we are all inevitably bound to its natural laws and designs.

"A single tree is its own world: the roots have grown through time, knowing its history, yet providing existence in the present and allowing possibilities for the future...." more...


"The leaves are the maps of our existence, portraying the memories and acquired knowledge for all to view - a lifetime in a year, which passes away as they turn colour and fall to the ground. New life will sprout after the death of winter.

"The cones hold the imprint of the form of an existence to come; in one atom is the pattern for an entire tree. They contain the potential of unlived experiences, places not yet discovered or visited, reponses unpredicted, memories not yet formed." Top of Page

Janet's work has been shown at a number of galleries throughout Wales. Her work is in the private collections of many connoiseurs of fine art.


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