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Sue is a quilter. Her work is based on the traditional quilting craft brought to the United States in the 1850s by Welsh immigrants to Pennsylvania.

Welsh quilting is renown for its originality as a decorative and utilitarian craft form, evolving into art through the centuries. The earliest example of Welsh quilting dates from the 1700s and is on display at the Welsh National Museum of Welsh Life in St. Fagans. This example was made in Newcastle Emlyn.

The craft came into its glory in the the 19th Century when the woollen industry joined the industrial revolution began by the Welsh coal mining that drove the world into a highspeed race into our modern 24/7 life.

Welsh quilters brought their craft and skill to the coal fields and steel towns of Pennsylvania in the early 1800s. The Amish adapted the traditional Welsh designs, such as the wool flannel quilt, Pinwheel, Sennybridge, Starfish, Basket and Pembrokeshire, to their own particular style of plain fabrics. more...

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In the mid-20th Century, Welsh quilting lost its shine and many of the quilts were relegated to the barn as horse blankets. A renaissance of crafts later in the century rejuvenated the form, largely driven by American, Jen Jones, who recognized the unique quality and value of the Welsh style.

Examples of these can be seen at Jen Jones's Centre of Welsh Quilts. Top of Page

Sue's work is strongly linked to the Welsh craft of stitching which is best displayed on the traditional Single Fabric Welsh Wedding Quilt, which concentrates on the art of the quilting rather than the fabric. A superb example of this style is at the Museum of Welsh Life.


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