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Sue Mordan | Janet Bristoll | Seren Mair | Larry E. Mordan

Sue Mordan is a Quilt Artist.

Her work is based on the traditional quilting craft brought to the United States in the 1850s by Welsh immigrants to Pennsylvania. more...

Janet is a Painter. Of her work, she says:

"My underlying interest in our connections with the Universe informs all the images I create. The object holds the patterns of the cosmos and we are all inevitably bound to its natural laws and designs.

"A single tree is its own world: the roots have grown through time, knowing its history, yet providing existence in the present and allowing possibilities for the future...." more...

Seren Mair is a Dollmaker. Of her work she says:

"I started making these dolls after moving to Wales and becoming more and more interested in the language, history and customs of this fascinating country.

"Now, I am completely absorbed in the dress of work of the women of Wales, in past times....The clothes that they wore were, in most cases, the only ones they had." more...

Larry E. Mordan is an Illustrator of Industrial and Historical sites which are of a particular Welsh interest.

American-born, of Welsh descent, Larry has spent most of his life in Pennsylvania. One of his life-long goals was to visit the Abersychan area of Wales from which his familiy emigrated to the US in 1837.

On his journey, Larry has created several line drawings of west Wales places of interest. more...



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